Sale of important Delta Markets Assets create huge buzz in the Media

The sale of some of the most important assets created by Delta Markets to the Gaming Innovation Group, have led to great buzz. GiG had to announce publicly its acquisition as they are a stock listed company. Soon, after the publication, numerous industry-wide acclaimed and renown portals and media published the news.

Find the most important articles around the sale here:

Official Reply MD Delta Markets
Joris Dekkers, the Managing Director and owner of Delta Markets B.V. responded as follows the takeover: “It has been a great journey for us to work on several Dutch lead generation websites in the online casino branche. It is known that online casino has become increasingly popular, with over 1 million Dutch people gambling on the internet. The regulation of online gaming will take place soon, but The Netherlands still will be a very imporant and interesting marketspace. We have full belief that the Gaming Innovation Group can bring the asset further, empowering it with the latest technology, SEO standards and marketing intelligence that GiG has inhouse. We also look very much forward to work side-by-side on the 4 new projects we launched last year; with GiG’s help we are sure to rise these projects to the top even faster than we aimed for. I want to thank my current team of professionals and my old partner Peter van Bokhoven for their contribution. We are very proud of what we have achieved but this is not the end for us.

Delta Markets will continue to be responsible for, as well as the development of,, and In these 4 websites GiG also bought a 50% stake. Delta Markets will also launch and acquire a number of websites within the Financial industry. A press release on this development will be published in April.

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