Delta Markets Dutch affiliate network assets acquired by Gaming Innovation Group

Delta Markets Dutch affiliate network assets acquired by Gaming Innovation Group

Delta Markets sells main assets to GiG

Over the last few weeks the Gaming Innovation Group Inc (GIG) has shown great interest in regards to the sale of several Delta Markets affiliate assets. Delta Markets owns several affiliate sites and contacts that extend throughout the iGaming network. GIG has agreed to acquire these affiliate assets including the Delta Markets affiliate websites, accounts, and associated agreements. This acquisition will significantly strengthen the Gaming Innovation Groups Inc.’s business area Innovation Labs’ presence as an online traffic driver for the iGaming industry.

The main assets that Delta Markets is offering to GIG, with a generated revenue of approximately € 125,000 per month, will lead to an exponential growth in the annual revenue expectation of GIG’s Innovation Labs. GIG has valued the potential of these Delta Markets sites and has agreed to pay a consideration of € 4,200,000 for the acquisition. This includes 30% of new GIG shares (4,336,314).

Partnering for the Future

In addition to the primary affiliate asset of Delta Markets, Gaming Innovation Group will acquire 50 per cent of the ownership in other Delta Markets gaming sites. These assets are expected to increase the value in due time. Naturally, this acquisition enriches both parties as Innovation Labs will take up an active role in developing Delta Markets sites and ensuring that their full potential is achieved within the next two years. Thus, Delta Markets will receive cutting-edge information while being able to maintain the standard and style that has led them to grow over the years. Delta Markets will continue to pursue several other projects while advancing their existing affiliates sites in order to uphold the quality and experience.

About GiG

Gaming Innovation Group’s subsidiary Innovation Labs is a fast growing online marketing company in the iGaming industry. Well-known for their expertise in obtaining competitive rankings for valuable keywords in search engines through the use of SEO, GIG generates substantial traffic to owned websites. The innovation and experience of GIG is thus expected to advance and enhance the iGaming SEO management for Delta Markets.

Robin Reed, CEO of Gaming Innovation Group announced “This acquisition will make Innovation Labs the local leader for referring paying users in the highly sought after and soon to be regulated Dutch casino market. Innovation Labs has proven to increase organic growth when bolting on individual assets to our core referral platform. We are continuing to build out our distribution channel for the top performing brands in the industry, and look forward to deliver even more quality online resources for end-users”.

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