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We are currently looking for a Junior E-Marketeer and Community Manager Forex | Binary Options

Binary Options and Forex is a rapidly expanding marketspace. Basically it is financial trading with an added gaming component. We own 2 very large communities and will need you to manage them. The websites reach a large crowd in Holland and are searched upon more than 50.000 times in Google every month. The websites need tob e updated on a daily basis with fresh content (news, new information etc.), as well as their communities (forums) to be monitored and managed constantly by you. Content creation and management is thus a daily routine for you, and something you love doing. Besides writing you will grow into your role as account manager of these websites. You will keep close contact with affiliate managers of companies we promote such as Markets.com and Plus500: via e-mail, but sometimes also via skype and a few times per year on Gaming Conferences in Amsterdam, Berlin and London.

Download Vacancy Junior E-Marketeer and Community Manager Forex | Binary Options

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