The Team

Delta Markets currently consists of 5 persons: all skilful e-gaming marketeers. Not all of them have had experiences in the betting and gaming world before, but we educate and train them towards excellence and industry levels as soon as possible.

project-team1Joris Dekkers [B.Ed / M.A.] | Owner and Managing Director Delta Markets

Joris (30) has been in the betting and gaming affiliate industry for more than 10 years, although a gap of 5 years of non activity in the iGaming industry must be communicated.  During his teaching degree study Joris played online poker succesfully for several years. Seeking a new challenge thereafter, he founded, an American focused website and e-book. The e-book was sold worldwide and more than 15.000 copies were purchased by customers in the early 2000’s. When the US gaming market was closed down by president George Bush, the website and e-book were sold to an Australian company. After the sell and also completing a Master in Comparative History Joris left the gaming industry for several years and started working in London as a headhunter. Few more years were spent in the recruitment consultancy world (amongst employers, Randstad) but in 2013 Joris resigned and built, a Dutch casino bonus affiliate website together with his best friend and business partner Peter van Bokhoven.
In July 2013 Joris accepted an offer from Unibet to come and work as Online & Mobile Marketing Manager for the Benelux. At that time, Unibet was still allowed by the authorities to market its services in Holland via online platforms. Joris worked for Unibet untill april 2015, the moment when he founded Delta Markets and wanted to fully focus on affiliation, both expanding the current business and creating new projects.

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Martijn Bluemink [B.Sc] | Executive Manager Delta Markets

Martijn (30) has been in the betting and gaming affliate industry for more than 7 years. After completing his Media Designing degree Martijn decided to study Business Economics in Amsterdam. At that moment Martijn combined his desginging and commercial skills during his spare time to launch a couple of affiliation websites with succes. At the beginning of 2013 Martijn started as a Online Marketeer for a big Real Estate company (Annexum) at the financial center of Amsterdam. Martijn worked for Annexum untill july 2015, the moment he realised he wants to focus full time on affiliation. 

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Anastazia Mrozek [M.Sc] Account Manager Benelux

Anastazia (25) came to Delta at the end of 2015. She studied sociology at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in 2014. Already knowing Joris, she was asked to join the team in order to strengthen the Dutch market websites, for which she both became the main content writer, as well as the account manager later on. Anastazia, besides being more commercially responsible nowadays, is also involved in the monthly administration of the company, and like all things, does this with both flair and punctuality!


Kim van Hovell [B.Sc] | Content Writer

Kim (23) is our youngest team member. She works around 2 days for Delta Markets and has been doing this for over a year now, although she left us for almost half a year to enjoy a great trip in South America. Kim studies psychology at the University of Leiden and therefore combines her work and study currently. Kim is mainly involved in writing quality content for roulette, live casino and smaller casino games such as bingo and scratch cards.