Dutch regulation of the iGaming Law passed the lower house

Good news for our Dutch Market: the long awaited regulation of (online) gambling has finally passed an important stage: the lower house adopted the bill to legalise (online) gambling in the Netherlands. The vote was done today, Thursday the 7th of July. The final stage before the new, amended gaming law is definitely implemented, is the vote in the upper house (first chamber) which will take place in the autumn or early winter of this year.

29% tax for both online and offline gambling in Holland
When the bill will pass the upper house, and the expectation is it will, then 29% tax will be implemented for players and operators to pay on their gross gaming result. This taxation is one of the highest in Europe. In the UK, a taxation of 15% is being practiced, while in Belgium operators and players only pay 11% tax. Denmark is closer to Holland with a 20% taxation.

Many online gaming operators have complained about the high taxation, making it less favourable to operate in Holland as their profit margin will heavily decrease with the taxation. However, with a fierce lobby regime, the Dutch socialist party PVDA with spokesman Mei Li Vos, argued that a 29% tax will limit the visibility of gambling and thus inherently fight addiction in the longer end. The questions is if this is true, however the lobby was succesful for the socialist party.

gaming law holland gambling parliament ruleOpening of the regulated market expected 1 January 2018.
The projected opening (meaning the implementation of the law) is expected to run around the start of 2018, 1,5 years from now. In fact, nothing will change the coming time. The problem is not just the upper chamber ruling, but also the execution of decrees and process of activating the licensing of accepted and welcomed operators which will be executed by the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA). Around a 100 operators have shown an interest in a Dutch license, however only 50 licenses will be available, is the expectation.

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